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Consumer Litigation

The firm’s consumer litigation work focuses on protecting clients from the often predatory and aggressive behavior of banks, mortgage servicers, debt collection companies, credit card companies, and others, and on recovering damages for the harm caused by this behavior.

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure actions can present challenges for even the sophisticated homeowner.  These cases, which can involve complex banking and securities issues, often require the assistance of a seasoned litigator to contest the bank’s basic, flawed premise: “If you didn’t make the full payment, we get your house.”  In many cases, Jim’s work focuses on the fault of the servicer in actually causing the foreclosure.

Credit Card Defense

Credit card collections cases often cause the most stress for families, with the constant telephone calls (many times to family members) as the debt collector resorts to a variety of tactics to extract payment. Jim has experience and training in demonstrating the wrongful nature of the collection activity (from proving the debt was actually owned by someone else, in the common cases of identity theft, to proving the collection efforts are time-barred by the statute of limitations) and in filing counterclaims against the debt collectors themselves.

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