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Personal Injury

We hope that we will make our way through the day without being victimized by someone else’s carelessness. On those occasions when injury occurs, we hope to recover swiftly and completely. However, when the injury is significant (or in worst cases, causes the death of a loved one) and causes a loss of income and substantial disruption to the family, an experienced legal practitioner can be your best advocate. This firm is committed to pursuing justice in personal injury or wrongful death cases, and handles the following types of cases:

· Automobile, truck, motorcycle and bicycle accidents
· Dog attacks
· Slip and Fall accidents
· Pharmaceutical errors
· Injuries / death caused by DUI drivers

Premises Liability / Inadequate Security

Where the injury occurs because a bar & restaurant, or a shopping mall, or a hotel / motel knows or should know it is creating an open invitation to criminals to victimize patrons, a experienced attorney may be able to bring a premises liability case. Jim is one of the few attorneys to try a dram shop case in Florida, where a jury found liability against a bar for serving too much alcohol to a customer (the customer, while driving drunk, crashed into a couple after leaving the bar). His long experience as a homicide and sex crimes prosecutor provides an added benefit in analyzing civil cases that arise from criminal conduct. These cases include:

· Motel, apartment and shopping center attacks
· Injuries in HUD housing complexes
· Dram shop injuries or death where a bar / tavern serves excessive alcohol

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